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Tech Manufacturing, LLC

45 Cooperative Way, Wright City, MO 63390, United States

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Empowered Engineers. Revolutionary Capabilities.

ADDMAN is a vertically integrated provider whose capabilities span the design, manufacture, machining, post-processing, and quality processes needed to solve any modern manufacturing problem. From space applications to IndyCar racing teams, medical device manufacturers to robotic integrators, ADDMAN provides customers with value-driven solutions enabling exceptional speed and value through the product life cycle, using radically innovative adaption of additive manufacturing technologies and legacy precision machining.


Our Greatest Resource

At the core of everything that makes ADDMAN a powerhouse of experience, experimentation and innovation is the heart of what works to Power the Pursuit: our incredible people, each and every one a pillar to ethics, integrity and vision. The passion and commitment of our team sets us apart and drives our commitment to customer satisfaction and premium quality.

Be part of the future

Power The Pursuit of American Innovation. Join us as we work to combine advanced modern manufacturing like 3D printing of metals and polymers with the incredible legacy precision machining. Together we will continue our tradition of supporting, serving and growing these industries:

  • Commercial Space & Satellite
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Medical Devices & Tools
  • Industrial & Specialty Vehicles