Tempco Manufacturing Company, Inc

Tempco Manufacturing Company, Inc

1110, 2475 Hwy 55, St Paul, MN 55120, United States

AboutTempco Manufacturing Company, Inc

Tempco Manufacturing – Your Industrial Metal Fabrication Experts

Tempco Manufacturing is your precision stamping and sheet metal solutions, provider.

For over 75 years Tempco Manufacturing has been a mainstay throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul and its surrounding communities. Tempco is a custom stamping and sheet metal fabrication manufacturer. Working with a variety of metal materials, we produce precision stamping products, stamping tooling products, sheet metal fabrication products, and assemblies for customers and industries throughout the world.

Top Quality Sheet Metal Fabrication Manufacturing Control Standards

At Tempco, "Quality is King." We uphold the most rigorous manufacturing quality control standards in the industry. In addition, we produce all our own stamping tools & dies, which generates considerable savings for you in the production of your parts. We do more than just work for you, we also work with you to address your metal stamping and metal fabrication manufacturing challenges as we would our own, and will work collaboratively with you to create a value-added relationship.

  • 75-plus year, 3rd generation, family owned/operated Minnesota business in the metal stamping and sheet metal fabrication industry
  • Full-service, one-stop shop metal stamping and sheet metal fabrication company specializing in high quality, low cost, precision metal stampings and sheet metal fabrication
  • Top notch in-house lifetime tooling program
  • Loyal Midwestern, national and international customer base representing multiple industries

State-Of-The-Art Metal Fabrication Manufacturing Facility

Tempco Manufacturing's modern sheet metal fabrication manufacturing facility includes over 83,000 square feet of production space, including our cutting edge tool and die shop, along with a separate 37,000 square foot warehouse for finished goods to better serve our clients and their pull programs.

We are constantly investing in our equipment to meet the current demands of the precision stamping and precision sheet metal industry, as well as continually training our employees in the latest manufacturing technologies. Our expert team is trained to handle the most complex of manufacturing challenges for short run stampings, long run stampings, and an assortment of sheet metal fabrications.

  • 120,000 square feet of modern production area
  • State-of-the-art metal stamping and sheet metal fabrication equipment with highly trained operators

At Tempco, we pride ourselves in our metal stamping sheet metal fabrication skill and specialty. We enjoy speaking with all industry representatives.

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Industries Served

With technologically advanced in-house metal stamping and fabrication processes, our expert employees understand the subtle nuances of every industry we serve. We provide custom metal stamping services to the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Hardware
  • Lighting
  • Firearms
  • After Market Automotive
  • Electronic components
  • Industrial equipment
  • Food and beverage

Sheet Metal Fabrication & Precision Metal Stamping Capabilities

Our full-service custom sheet metal stamping and fabrication shop offers the full spectrum of metal stamping options such as: 

  • Blanking: A fabrication process where a punch and die are used to cut pieces, referred to as blanks, from sheet metal for further processing. It produces minimal burrs, which helps reduce finishing costs and lead time.
  • Piercing: Uses similar machinery as blanking and involves using a punch and die to create holes, slots, and notches in sheet metal. It creates tight tolerances, produces a cleaner cut than drilling, and is more productive than laser cutting.
  • Forming: Includes different processes where force is applied to sheet metal to modify its geometry and create thin, flat pieces that can then be formed into more complex shapes.
  • Drawing: A process where tensile force is used to stretch, or draw, sheet metal blanks over a die until the desired thickness and shape is achieved. This precision metal stamping process is used to create fluid handling, aircraft parts, electronic components, and more.

Quality Compliance for Sheet Metal Fabrication & Metal Stamping

At Tempco Manufacturing, Inc., we are equipped to tackle the toughest metal stamping and fabrication challenges. We guarantee compliance to our quality manufacturing policy and your quality standards by fulfilling the following objectives:

  • Improve - On-Time Shipping rate to 93% or better
  • Maintain - Customer Returns to below 0.55%
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