Thriller Manufacturing

Thriller Manufacturing

1926 Pioneer Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84104, United States

AboutThriller Manufacturing

It’s a thrilling one.

Thriller Fabrication & Manufacturing was founded in 1987 in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. Presently operating as a privately held, minority-owned, small business, we began as an even smaller business in a BIG market. Well, you know what they say about small fish in a big pond? Grow, or get eaten. So, grow we did! We worked and grew and worked some more… until we earned our title as a leading provider in metal fabrication, specializing in government projects, OEM parts, Industrial applications, Structural steel, R stamp works, Mobile Field Fabrication& Structural Steel Erection.  

While our size and place in this big pond looks a lot different now than it did back in 1987, our work ethic and our ever-so-80’s name have remained the same. We haven’t forgotten the importance of small jobs, which is why we’re proud to say the tools in our toolbox always have and always will accommodate all projects, no matter how big or how small.

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