Twinplex Manufacturing Inc

Twinplex Manufacturing Inc

840 Lively Blvd, Wood Dale, IL 60191, United States

AboutTwinplex Manufacturing Inc

Twinplex Stamping Company, incorporated in 1941, is a fourth generation family owned manufacturing company. The first product produced was the Twinplex Razor Stropper invented by George Floyd, patent #959496 in 1910. Razor stroppers were used to sharpen double-edged safety razor blades to extend their useful life. Twinplex produced razor stroppers from 1905 until 1955 and expanded sales into multiple stropper types and other shaving related products including shaving razors, brushes, blades and cream.

Over time as Stropper sales declined Twinplex discontinued producing Stroppers in the late 1950’s and diversified exclusively into contract stamping opportunities involving metal stampings and drawn metal applications.

Today Twinplex is a full service, high skill, capital intensive, custom deep draw metal stamping company. We serve a broad cross section of Fortune 500 corporations, original equipment and component manufacturers around the world in automotive, appliance, consumer product, household & hardware, hose ferrule and electrical & sensor applications.

TSC Mission

We seek to glorify God applying biblical principals in our dealings with our employees, customers and suppliers. We value employees who demonstrate dedication, integrity, loyalty, and skillful craftsmanship in their work. Our people work together as a team, helping each other to do the best job possible for the benefit of our customers and each other.

We are committed to meeting our customers’ quality expectations in everything that we do. Utilizing lean manufacturing and progressive thinking Twinplex is committed to improving our process capabilities, products and services creating an environment of excellence and teamwork that delights our customers and anticipates their needs.

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