Vander-Bend Manufacturing

Vander-Bend Manufacturing

2701 Orchard Pkwy, San Jose, CA 95134, United States

AboutVander-Bend Manufacturing

Since our humble family beginnings being founded in 1979, our role as a key partner to our customer has undergone dramatic changes. Initially, we provided parts piece-meal. However today’s customers expect a wider variety of services, from building single parts to shipping out turn-key products, all with the utmost quality standards. As an Original Design Manufacturer, we are happy to take on all these roles.


We take a collaborative approach to support our customer base in DFM through large scale production. Once production begins we partner with our customers to continuously improve the products and processes to achieve efficiencies and speed to market.

Core to Vander-Bend’s culture and processes is our quality. We have invested in significant talent and resources which give us the ability to provide the highest quality products and quality data to support our medical end market customers, among others.


At Vander-Bend, we believe that people are the key to quality, but that doesn’t preclude using the best equipment. At any given moment, we know exactly where your job’s components are in the system and on the line.

  • Six facilities representing ~550,000 sq. ft. of combined manufacturing space
  • Broad spectrum of manufacturing capabilities and flexibility
  • >260 pieces of production and support equipment including numerically-controlled punches, brakes, mills, and lasers, among others
  • Highest level precision for machining and sheet metal
  • Robust quality contol systems and processes
  • Computerized job control system
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