Vivakor inc.

Vivakor inc.

433 W Lawndale Drive South Salt Lake, UT 84115

AboutVivakor inc.

Vivakor, Inc. is a socially responsible operator, acquirer and developer of clean energy technologies and environmental solutions, primarily focused on soil remediation. We specialize in the remediation of soil and the extraction of hydrocarbons, such as oil, from properties contaminated by or laden with heavy crude oil and other hydrocarbon-based substances.

As energy needs and demands continue to grow the importance of reducing our carbon footprint becomes paramount. The only way to resolve these two seemingly opposite goals is by creating a circular carbon economy. It has become mandatory to reduce, reuse and recycle hydrocarbons. We recover hydrocarbons from waste/polluted soils and turns these this recovered crude oil into asphaltic cement which is utilized for road construction.

Our Remediation Processing Centers (“RPCs”) for soil and Wastewater Management System (“WMS”) for water. These proprietary and patented technologies provide us the ability to remediate polluted soil and water while recovering the hydrocarbons for reuse. This reduces the need to drill new oil wells while also providing both clean soil and water.

The recovered hydrocarbons are mainly in the form of extremely difficult to refine very heavy crude. We use our Cavitation and Nano-sponge technology to expand and break some of the hydrocarbon chains of the recovered crude which allows it to be turned into asphaltic cement for use in roadways.

To build the road for the future, we are working to add self-powered sensors into our asphalt. Smart roads of the future will need to communicate to both autonomous vehicles informing the vehicle of the exact location of the road and even lanes, particularly during bad weather and also to the Department of Transportation or other maintenance entities as to road conditions, traffic patterns, temperature and many other pieces of information. The key is to utilize a technology that does not need batteries or wiring, but instead can continuously harvest its own energy. We are developing, in collaboration with TBT Group and Rowan University, a thin piezo-electric sensor that generates energy simply from vibrations created by the roadway.

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