Washington Crane & Hoist

Washington Crane & Hoist

1334 Thornton Ave SW, Pacific, WA 98047, United States

AboutWashington Crane & Hoist

Washington Crane & Hoist, Inc.provides innovative overhead material handlingequipment, quality parts and reliable service forits customers throughout the Western U.S.

Washington Crane is a complete overhead material handling system integration specialist.

Founded in 1975, by Dale Currie, the company began achieving success as an overhead crane supplier to the demanding aerospace and manufacturing industries in the Pacific Northwest. The corporate headquarters, engineering, manufacturing, service and parts distribution facility is located in Pacific, Washington, just 25 miles south of Seattle.

A new facility in Vancouver, WA was established in 2005 to serve our southern Washington and Oregon customers. The Anchorage, AK facility opened in 2008 to serve the Petroleum, Manufacturing and Construction industries throughout Alaska.

Today Washington Crane continues its long tradition as an innovative company that is constantly adapting and expanding its core expertise in order to meet customer requirements. We manufacture equipment to the highest quality standards from components supplied by industry leaders. Our customers receive reliable products with predictable performance that provide years of service.

Washington Crane has the financial resources, corporate infrastructure and manufacturing capability to support a large variety of projects while maintaining customer delivery commitments.

Our experienced team can design, engineer, manufacture, install and service an overhead material handling system that will improve your company’s productivity and sharpen your competitive edge.

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