Westmont Metal Manufacturing

Westmont Metal Manufacturing

2350 S 27th Ave, Broadview, IL 60155, United States

AboutWestmont Metal Manufacturing

Westmont Metal Manufacturing has been producing quality metal fabrications, components, and weldments since 1998. Providing customer satisfaction to a wide range of clients in the food, chemical, automation, and medical industries.

Our educated engineering and production personnel is highly trained and experienced for a wide variety of manufacturing processes. Along with various roles such as single prototypes to large production runs. We produce to the tightest engineering specifications, documenting all the steps of manufacturing, to maintain quality and consistency.

At our modern manufacturing facility, we not only make parts, but we then document the processes for making them. Our systems are developed for all types of orders. All the work is done locally to ensure quality results, whether the product is big or small.


To partner in our customers’ success by producing quality metal fabrications, designed, produced, and delivered on time at competitive prices.

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