Wm dudek manufacturing company

Wm dudek manufacturing company

4901 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60639, United States

AboutWm dudek manufacturing company


Our goal is to be your fourslide multi slide metal stamping specialist helping solve your problems by functioning as part of your team, joining your engineering, purchasing, and manufacturing departments.

Christmas Ornaments & Paper Clips

Innovation has been an integral part of Wm Dudek Mfg since founder William Dudek designed a better way to make wire forms. Starting with Christmas ornament hooks and paper clips, William Dudek began his company’s endless march towards new ideas and new methods using the fourslide process. William Dudek quickly began producing parts for local businesses thanks to a sunup-to-sundown and a cash-not-credit philosophy, leading his company through the Great Depression into a period of sustained growth. The innovative drive to produce better products for our customers using the four slide has been passed down three generations to the current president and grandson of the founder, William Dudek. 

Weber Stephen Products

Founder William Dudek’s sons, Fred and Ed, picked up the mantle with enthusiasm and a dedicated group of employees, pushing their father’s vision of innovative designs further and further. From the 40s through the 70s, Wm Dudek Mfg kept growing by supplying the electronics industry and capitalizing on fourslide design innovations which expanded production into custom four-slide stamping.

In the 70s, Wm Dudek Mfg began producing components for a small, innovative barbeque grill manufacturer that would change American summers forever. Today, as back then, Weber Stephen Products continues to manufacture world class products and Wm Dudek Mfg continues to meet their needs for fourslide brackets.

 Computer Boom

Then, in 1985, current president Bill Dudek met with the purchasing and engineering staff of two upcoming companies: Dell and Compaq Computers. These companies realized their need to add a custom four-slide stamping manufacturer to their team. The personal computer revolution of the 80s and 90s secured Wm Dudek Mfg’s position in the new millennium enabling the company to grow, to innovate, and—as always—produce fourslide spring clips, fourslide brackets, and fourslide flat metal springs.

Present Day

Today, we’re proud to deliver the same quality and reliability that was there at the beginning while expanding to serve Fortune 500 companies and shipping internationally. Bill Dudek now heads the company with the same innovative drive and engineering skills that has sustained Wm Dudek Mfg throughout its history. Our continued specialization using  the fourslide process has lead us to simply produce the best possible fourslide flat metal springs, fourslide brackets and fourslide spring clips on time at a competitive price.

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