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AboutYoung Manufacturing Inc

In the Beginning:

If you made your way to this page it usually means you are looking for a little bit more "about us".

We aren't big enough to have a major publisher write a book about us like Google, or Ford, so we have to write about ourselves.

We aren't even popular enough to have our own Wikipedia page...

But just having a big (known) reputation isn't the same as being trustworthy and dependable, and this is what we hope to share here.

When we make a part for you and you sell that part, it means that you are putting your reputation on the line. If that part fails to meet your customer's expectations it hurts your reputation, and that isn't good for you or for us. This is why it is important that we gain your trust at YMI.

Young Mfg., Inc. (or YMI) has been around for quite a while, actually since 1947. Through several decades we've established and maintained the trust of our customers and we hope to do the same with you.

Give us your problem(s):

One of the things we like to do is get involved with the design process. Sometimes a minor modification can significantly cut the cost of a part.

For example: Someone once asked us to quote a stainless steel part. When we discovered that the part wasn't going to be exposed to the outside elements, nor needing the aesthetic quality of stainless steel, we were able to quote a much lower price than our competitors. We took the time to work with this customer to get him a lower cost for his part. It was no surprise then when that same customer kept coming back to us for years and years for other parts and projects.