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4 Digit Ampere Hour Meter

4 Digit Ampere Hour Meter

4 Digit Ampere Hour Meter IM 2501 is an engineering device used to measure total electric charge that passes through given point at specific time. The device is demanded for battery charging and electroplating purposes. It controls the rectifier as it is integrated with a set point. The device is having 4-digit display which shows amount of current flowing in the circuit, therefore there will be no need to attach extra ammeter in the circuit.

Technical Specifications

  • 4 digit 12.5 mm red led display

  • 8 key membrane keypad

  • One set point with relay output rated 230 V / 5 A (resistive)

  • Ampere Hour / Ampere Minute selection or Ampere minute / Ampere second selection

  • Shunt value programmable at 75mV

  • External Reset facility

  • Size 96x96 mm depth 150 mm

  • Supply 230 V / 110 V / 10-30 V DC or 48V DC

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