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Multichannel Temperature Controller

Multichannel Temperature Controller

Multi-channel digital temperature indicator is an ideal instrument virtually for any industry or application, where multi-channel temperatures have to be measured and monitored from a convenient and centralized place. This compact and highly reliable instrument can accept any one type of RTD or thermocouple sensors. All the thermocouple inputs are compensated for cold junction error. The scanned channel number is indicated on a 2-digit display and the scanned temperature is indicated on a 3 1/2 digit display. Open sensor indication is a standard feature. The temperature indication resolution is 10C.

This instrument can be used either in auto-scan or manual mode. In manual mode the measured temperature can be viewed one channel after another by pressing the 'Advance' switch. In 'Auto' scan mode, all the channels are scanned and displayed automatically one channel after another and if the user desires to view any particular channel for a long time, by pressing the 'HOLD' switch, the same can be done. The front panel accessible trim pot can adjust the scan rate time. Normally, the standard scan rate time or 'DWELL' time can be adjusted from 2 to 20 seconds. However, larger scan rate time can be given on request. The other unique and useful in this instrument is if any channel is unconnected or any sensor is open and when that particular channel is encountered during the scan, the same is 'Auto-skipped' i.e. the status of the channel is displayed for the minimum time of the scan rate instead of the preset scan rate time.

High input impedance of each channel ensures long-term measurement accuracy. A double-pole Butter-worth low pass filter and RF suppression network is included in the circuitry to handle noisy industrial environments.


  • Built in automatic cold junction compensation circuitry

    • Open sensor display indication

    • Wide angle easy-to-read 12.5mm high 7 segment LED Display

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