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A.l.b.a. S.r.l.

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Torch Cutting Machines

Torch Cutting Machines

A.L.B.A.’s special all purpose torch cutting machine are specifically designed in order to cut slabs, billets, blooms, beam blank and various profile material into any required dimension for sample cutting, cross cutting, slitting, subdividing, emergency, during the whole casting process and are well known for their reliability, ruggedness and short cutting times. They can work in full automatic, semiautomatic or manual mode achieving the best performances as well as cutting results in or out of the casting line or anywhere else that may be required.Any of these will be completely customized machines and designed to respond to very specific requirements.

Special featuresThe machine could also be equipped with the following special features as an option, if required:

2, 3 or even more cutting torches according to productivity requirements and cutting purpose;

special noise isolating panels;

fume de-dusting system;

 iron powder feeding system;

close water cooling system with own chilling system;  independent automation system;

close and air conditioned operator cabin.The machine will be able to cut pieces of the defined dimension, performing any of the required movements and cutting any type of steel or pig-iron with the use of iron powder, if necessary. 
The fluids (oxygen, gas, compressed air, water, nitrogen) and the electrical supply will be considered in the machine design. 
If possible and on request the operator control cabin could be placed on board the machine structure and includes the operator panel and the electrical board containing the PLC. All the necessary facilities will be also included. In this case the operator could control the cutting operation through a well dimensioned window with appropriate protection and armed glasses and work in safety in very good environmental conditions.Designed and manufactured considering all the necessary conditions in order to avoid risks for personnel and plant during the use and maintenance of the machine, it will be equipped with all the required safety devices according to all international standards.The machine is based on a proven technology with high reliability and low maintenance and is specifically developed to offer high performances in heavy industrial environments.

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