A.l.b.a. S.r.l.

A.l.b.a. S.r.l.

Via Borzoli, 87/r, 16153 Genova GE, Italy

AboutA.l.b.a. S.r.l.

ALBA GROUP is an organised company, which is now able to carry out the whole production process to manufacture turnkey systems, equipment and devices for the iron and steel industry.

Design, purchase of raw materials, production, assembly, testing, distribution and assistance are all made at A.L.B.A., thanks to the work of the different firms that form part of the group and that carry out specific phases of the production process.

A.L.B.A. S.r.l. in Genoa is the main office of the group consisting of 3,500 sqm of work premises with 41 operators who manufacture, assemble and test the equipment and systems. Furthermore, the office located in Genoa carries out the 2D/3D engineering design, the purchase of raw materials, quality control, logistics as well as the Techinal and commercial assistance. The electric and automation department carries out the specific activities of engineering, complete HW/SW automations for wiring and testing of the supplied systems.

A.L.B.A. S.r.l. in Brescia is a warehouse-workshop of 600 sqm. This is the logistic and global distribution centre providing technical assistance and maintenance for the whole group.

ALBA Meccanica offices are located in Cuneo. This is a new entry which boasts a 10 year experience which boasts a 10 year experience in the manufacturing of finished parts, including mechanical processing and surface thermal treatments, process plant engineering and piping, assembly and testing of any type of medium-heavy structural works.

Thanks to this new entry, ALBA GROUP is now able to produce each and every mechanical component “in-house” and has achieved its objective to manage autonomously all phases of the production process of systems and special equipment for steel processing.

ATES S.r.l. in Genoa is the internal unit dedicated to industrial automation and after-sales assistance.

 BACUT Korea Ltd is the new A.L.B.A. division with offices in South Korea. It was created to offer a more effective sales and assistance service to the Korean and Asiatic customers.

In line with the internationalization policy which has always distinguished it, A.L.B.A. announces the opening of a new division of the company, with headquarters in Seoul.

ALBACUT Korea Ltd., the new subsidiary company of A.L.B.A., was established “in the other side of the world” with the aim of seizing development opportunities in the South Korean and East Asian market and provide a more efficient service to the many customers in Korea and throughout the far Asian region. This region makes up about 28% of the entire Asian continent; it is about 15% larger than Europe and is one of most densely populated ones in the world.

Nowadays, ALBACUT Korea Ltd is fully operational and our Korean and East Asian customers can order the oxy welding and cutting systems and purchase the full range of A.L.B.A. accessories and products for the steel industry directly in their country, with no import taxes or long shipping times.They can count on a complete and efficient assistance service on site, they can pay in Wons and receive products quickly, directly from our warehouse in Seoul.