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AltaSteel Grinding Rod

AltaSteel Grinding Rod

AltaSteel is a world class supplier of heat treated grinding rod. AltaSteel’s proprietary heat treat process produces a repeatable, consistent hardness profile rod with a high surface hardness and lower core hardness. For mining customers this has resulted into longer wearing rods with excellent resilience and toughness. This superior performance in turn has resulted in phenomenal market growth, making the AltaSteel grinding rod a dominant force in the North American grinding rod marketplace. With heat treat experts and metallurgists on site AltaSteel offers a value proposition through its grinding media portfolio that is truly unmatched in the industry today.

Heat Treated (HTR50) Standard Product Offerings:

Description: Engineered for highly abrasive Rod Mill environments with a minimum surface hardness of 50 HRC. Heat treated to have a high surface hardness (for increased wear resistance) and low core hardness (for increased toughness).

Grades: AltaSteel HTR50

Diameter: 3.0”, 3.5” & 4.0””

Length: 17’ to 20’

Specification: AltaSteel HTR50 Grinding Rod Specification

Packaging: Rod lengths can be cut to specified customer length, and are supplied in a strapped bundle with bundle weights and rod counts as required by the customer.

Non-Heat Treated Standard Product Offerings:

Description: Non heat treated high carbon grinding rod for high wear applications.

Grade: 1090

Diameter: 1.0” to 4.0”

Length: 11' to 36’

Specification: AltaSteel 1090 Grinding Rod Specification (.pdf)

Packaging: Bars are packaged in bundles with a bar count or bundle weight specified by the customer between 3.0 to 5.0 tons. Tie wire location customizable as per customer requirement.

*Mixed Charge available upon request

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