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Flat Bar

Flat Bar

AltaSteel has been a trusted supplier dating back to the early 1970’s when we became the first steel producer in North America to successfully produce continuous cast alloy steel for an automotive application. Our state of the the art energy- efficient billet reheat furnace in conjunction with an 18 stand bar mill are used to produce flat bars that meet the stringent requirements of the automotive, agricultural, and structural markets. AltaSteel specializes in both round edge and square edge ASTM certified flat bar, in widths ranging from 2.00” up to 6.00”, and thicknesses ranging from 0.237” up to 2” in various lengths.

Flat Bar Standard Product Offerings:

Description: Flat Bar, Round and Square Edge

Grades: 5160, 5160H, 6150H, 5160 modified, 4100 & 1500 series alloy grades, A36, 1010,44W, 50W structural grades, and other custom grades.

Thickness: 0.237” to 2.0”

Width: 2.0” to 6.0”

Length: 12’ to 36’

Specification: ASTM Grade Specifications

Packaging: Bars are packaged in bundles with a bar count or bundle weight specified by the customer between 3.0 to 5.0 tons. Tie wire location customizable as per customer requirement.

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