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AIL Sound Walls

AIL Sound Walls

Enjoy lower installed costs and long-term durability in your sound barrier wall systems.

With their lighter weight, lower installed costs and long-term durability, AIL Sound Walls are a perfect choice for efficient sound barriers to keep the peace in neighbourhoods along busy transportation corridors. They can be installed easily on narrow road or rail job sites and make an efficient land use solution for urban highway sound barriers or railway sound barriers.

Sustainable and maintenance-free

AIL Sound Walls are made from long-lasting, UV-resistant PVC, with the highest percentage of recycled content available. They meet accelerated test requirements for durability and, because they are impervious to rain, snow, ice and sleet and will not rust, rot or stain – our sound barrier walls are often replacing older, degraded sound barriers made of concrete or other materials.

AIL Sound Walls are available in a variety of attractive colors and configurations to satisfy important aesthetic considerations for highway sound barriers, railway sound barriers and sound barrier walls for bus terminals, intermodal yards or structure-mounted for bridges, crash barriers and AIL MSE

Sound barriers with maximum noise mitigation

These high-performing sound barrier walls are engineered for maximum sound mitigation with some of the best Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) and Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings in the sound barrier industry. We manufacture two main types of AIL Sound Walls: Silent Protector for absorptive applications and Tuf-Barrier for reflective applications.

Silent Protector (Absorptive) – your defence against unwanted noise

Constructed with perforated panels filled with acoustical mineral wool batts, Silent Protector is one of the industry’s top-performing sound barriers. Now also available in lengths of up to 16′ as Silent Protector XL – fewer panels, posts and foundations mean even lower installed costs.

Tuf-Barrier (Reflective) – a proven sound barrier wall leader

Tuf-Barrier’s smooth surface reflects unwanted noise back toward the source and beyond. It’s also a graffiti and tagging resistant sound barrier solution. Play Video >> Now also available in lengths of up to 16′ as Tuf-Barrier XL – fewer panels, posts and foundations mean even lower installed costs.

Introducing Silent Protector XL and Tuf-Barrier XL — going the distance for better value

AIL Sound Walls can now reach lengths of up to 16′ between posts which means fewer posts and foundations for even lower installed costs. With this XL product innovation, we can now design our sound barrier walls with longer spans for all types of wind conditions — even hurricane zones. Ask your AIL Sound Walls Representative about putting this latest product innovation to work for your better bottom line.

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