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MSE Wire Walls

MSE Wire Walls

Quick and easy MSE walls for permanent or temporary applications.

Save time and money on your next embankment project with MSE Wire Wall Systems from AIL. These historically proven, cost-effective wire mesh retaining wall systems feature alternating layers of heavy-duty galvanized steel soil reinforcement and select backfill to create an extremely stable “mechanically-stabilized earth” structure.

Our MSE Wire Walls are ideal for fast and economical installation using native backfill materials whenever possible. These types of MSE walls are ideal for permanent or temporary retaining wall applications including bridge abutments, grade separations, headwalls or wingwalls and crusher walls or ramps.

Adapts well to curves, angles and steps

Our MSE Wire Walls easily accommodate curves, angles or steps. The wire mesh retaining wall facing and soil reinforcement mats can adapt to culverts, bridge piles or other site anomalies.

Wire Wall finish options

Wire Walls can be left ‘natural’, with exposed wire and select rock face, or they can be designed to accept a variety of finishes such as grass, vegetation and shotcrete. Temporary wire mesh retaining walls, with black steel and filter fabric at the face, are also available.

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