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Structural Steel Plate

Structural Steel Plate

One of AIL’s latest innovations, extra-deep-corrugated Ultra•Cor Structural Steel Plate and is taking engineered structural plate to new dimensions in capability and performance.

Ready to handle extreme loads

With an impressive 500 mm (20″) pitch and 237 mm (9.5″) depth, Ultra•Cor’s ultra-deep corrugations allow it to reach greater spans and withstand the heaviest of loads. That strength also means accepting higher cover depths and the mining industry is specifying it for haul road crossings and large tunnels. DOTs like it as an economical alternative to large bridges.

Ultra-deep corrugations to handle extreme surcharge loads

Ultra•Cor deep corrugated structural plate combines all the advantages of lightweight construction with previously unheard-of strength and durability to create the largest corrugated metal structures.

And, just like all AIL engineered solutions, Ultra•Cor ships and installs easily with minimal equipment and labour requirements.

Recommended applications

Ultra•Cor is recommended for large bridges, tunnels, grade separations, road or rail underpasses, stream crossings, box culverts, heavy haul road arches, stockpile tunnels, portals and canopies.

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Structural Plate Bridges or Buried Metal Bridges offer many advantages over concrete equivalents and traditional site-built beam bridges.

Bring enhanced aesthetics to your Buried Metal Bridges

From interior finishes and lighting to exterior end treatments and even urban greenways on top, take a look at the full range of possibilities in our Design Ideas Gallery.

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