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Electrical Discharge Machining Services

Electrical Discharge Machining Services

EDM refers to Electrical Discharge Machining. It is a controlled process of metal removal. This is done with the help of electric spark erosion. In the EDM process, electric spark acts as a cutting tool, and helps erode material from the work piece. Thus, a finished part of required shape can be formed with this process. This process helps achieve high level of accuracy, and is an effective solution for challenging machining applications. There are different types of EDM processes. However, wire EDM process is one of the most popular types, which is employed in a number of industries. Wire EDM, which is also referred to as spark EDM, is an electro thermal production process where the wire is submersed in deionized water. An electric current is run through the wire, creating an electrical spark of intense heat up to 12000°C). The electrical spark cuts the material by removing the metal content through melting and vaporization. This content is flushed away from the work piece with high pressure flushing. This process has some characteristic properties, which makes it easy to machine precision components and complex parts. BDE Inc., is one of the leading providers of wire EDM services. We have 27 years’ experience in complex wire electrical discharge machining parts. 

Capabilities of Wire EDM Services Provided by BDE Inc.

The following wire EDM service capabilities has allowed us serve clients effectively.  

1. We can provide you with high-quality and precision-made products that are manufactured using 4 axis EDM cutting.

2. The cutting tolerances of the wire EDM cutting are up to +/- .0001.

3. We can deliver wire diameters of 0.006 ʺ, 0.008 ʺ, 0.010 ʺ, and 0.012 ʺ.

4. We provide wire EDM services for wide and large table travel measuring up to 13.7″ x 19.68″.

5. The cutting head “Z axis” can have a height of 11.8″.

6. The wire EDM services that we provide have the capability of delivering tapered cuts up to 45 degrees. This is based on the height of the work piece.

7. We use the most advanced machinery and tooling, which helps expedite the setups for production and prototype runs.

8. We make use of several CAM software, which helps us improve the adaptability of importing drawings, files, or parts. 

Conventional chip making machinery introduces heat into the materials in order to cut them. Without applying any heat, it becomes a tough task to cut or mold them. However, with wire EDM, you can cut metals without applying any heat to them. This process is best suited for good conductors of electricity. Some materials, which are compatible with this technique, include carbon steel, kovar, Inconel, bronze, carbon graphite, titanium, stainless steel, copper, tungsten, and Hastelloy.

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