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Pipe piling

Pipe piling

What is Pipe Piling?

Pipe piling is a round shaped pile. In fact, it is designed to be driven capped or uncapped and filled with a stiffening agent such as concrete. Once driven, the pile remains in place due to friction with the soil.


Pipe piles have many advantages over other piling materials such as H-piles. Some of the advantages include:

  • Improved Friction: With a larger surface area, pipe piles offer up to a 30% increase in skin friction over .

  • Equal weight distribution: Just like other pipes, pipe piles have a round profile. In fact, the cylindrical shape allows for weight to be more evenly distributed than 

  • Fillable: Pipe piles can be filled with concrete and reinforced with . Moreover, this allows the pile to withstand greater underground pressures, and strengthen the pile



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