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Structural Steel Products

Structural Steel Products


Contractors Steel has an extensive product portfolio that maintains standards of providing the best quality steel products. Our products are readily available to fulfill your immediate and long-term needs. Download our digital stock book or capabilities chart for more details. 


Steel angles are formed by bending a single piece of steel. The most common type of angle is formed with a 90-degree bend and often looks like an “L” shape. The legs of the angle can be equal or unequal in length, depending on the specific dimensions required. Steel angles are used in various industries including structural framing, trim and reinforcement. The larger the angle, the more weight and stress it can bear. It is typically stocked to the ASTM A36 specification. At Contractors Steel, we can provide straight and mitre cut angles.

Contractors Steel carries: 1/2” x 1/2” x 1/8” – 8” x 8” x 1”, Multi Grade


Hot roll carbon steel bars are produced through reheating billets of steel until they are molten. When the material is up to the right temperature for the bar being produced, it goes through a set of rolling passes to shape the material into a specific size that will be manufactured. The bars are solid and used in a variety of applications including the manufacture of heavy equipment. Hot roll bars come in many shapes including round, square, rectangle, and hexagons. Contractors Steel also carries cold finished bars.

Contractors Steel carries: (Square/Rounds) 1/4” – 5.5”, Multi Grade, Cold finished



A standard or wide flange beam is the backbone of the non-residential construction industry. The shape of the beam makes it an ideal choice for unidirectional bending parallel to the web. In addition, the horizontal flanges resist the bending moment while the web resists shear stress. Often called an I-beam, it is one of the most efficient carbon steel shapes and utilizes the least amount of steel per foot for a variety of applications. It is typically stocked to the ASTM A36, ASTM A709 and ASTM A992 specifications.

Contractors Steel carries: 4″ WF 13# – 44″ 290#, ASTM A36, ASTM A992



Carbon steel channels are hot rolled, in a “C” shape with inside radius corners that are ideal for all structural applications, general fabrication, manufacturing and repairs. Steel channels are widely used in agricultural, industrial maintenance, and transportation equipment. The “C” shape or “U” shape configuration is ideal for added strength and rigidity over steel angles when your project’s load is vertical or horizontal. It is typically stocked to the ASTM A36 specification.

Contractors Steel carries: 3” x 3.5# – 18” x 58#, ASTM A572-50, Multi Grade


Steel coils are a large/long sheet/strips of steel that has been wound up or coiled after production. From the mill, these coils (often referred to as “Master Coils”) can be as wide as 72” wide and weigh more than 50,000 lbs. Coils come in a variety of steel types and finishes including hot roll carbon, galvanized, and cold rolled steel. Master coils are slit to various widths or cut to lengths to form blanks, or sheets. Contractors Steel carries hot roll and galvanized coil; sheets, flats, and strips.

Contractors Steel can level up to 1/2″ thick x 72″ wide, with lengths up to 70′. We stock most common sizes of 48 “, 60″, and 72″ wide in lengths of 96″, 120″, 144″, and 240” long.


Pipe is a round tubular product that is designed for the transport of oil, liquids or gasses. Pipe goes through additional testing that a structural tube does not, including a pressure test. Pipe is often coated at the mill for additional protection and is ordered in NPS (nominal pipe sizes) and schedule (i.e., 1” schedule 40). Common specifications for pipe include ASTM A53 and API 5L. If you need a pipe for a structural purpose, ordering an ASTM A500 Grade C pipe size tube is ideal.

Contractors Steel carries; NPS 1/2 SCH 40 and SCH 80 – NPS 16 SCH 40 and SCH 80, ASTM A500 B/C


A smooth, flat relatively thick (.188” or thicker) mass of metal more than 8” wide, cut into individual pieces rolled into coils. Discrete plate is rolled from slabs directly into plate never being cooled, obtained from the mills in a specific order thickness, length and width. Plate is typically considered for thicknesses greater than 3/16” and widths of 48” and above. There are multiple grades of discreet plate including ASTM A36 and ASTM A572.

Contractors Steel carries: 1/8”- 3/4”/Sheet: .048” – 1/4”, Multi Grade; 1/4” – 16”, ASTM A36, ASTM A572-50, A514, AR and sells full bundles with several processing capabilities 


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