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Steel H-piling

Steel H-piling

What is H-Piling?

Steel H-piling are bearing piles required in deep foundation projects when the existing foundation is too shallow. H-piles are as wide as they are deep and have the same thickness in the flange and the web. In fact, the H design provides a better weight distribution over a wider area. Furthermore, this helps to support heaver, larger structures such as bridges and skyscrapers.


When considering a steel piling choice, including pipe piles, H-piles have many advantages based on the application and soil type the pile will be driven into at the job site. In fact, H-piling is most effective at transferring the load through the pile to the tip. Some additional advantages of H-piles include:

  • Versatility: H-piles can be used in both friction and end bearing applications

  • Driven with standard equipment – no need to purchase or rent a pile driver designed for a high-end application

  • H piles are good to use when tension is a consideration. In fact, they provide superior resistance to pull out when that is a factor


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