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Optical Micrometer for the final measurement of discrete part length measurement during lengthwise transport.

μMETER-SLM product series is used for the non-contact final measurement of discrete parts lengths in the production process, while transporting the discrete parts in longitudinal direction. The highly accurate measurement of the optical light scanner generally serves the production optimization, the good/bad sorting as well as the documentation of the delivery condition of discrete parts. The SLM product series is based on a worldwide unique LED length-section light scanner measurement technology called Optical Measurement Micrometer/Measuring Light Scanner. SLM systems are maintenance-free, permanently calibrated and measure largely independent of material. SLM systems are used for the highly accurate, non-contact measurement of profiles, tubes, plates, beams, bolts, struts, hubs made out of a wide variety of materials. SLM length-section light scanner for discrete part length measurement are available in two versions. By the standard SLM system, discrete parts up to approx. 5 m in length can currently be measured, depending on the system length. The two-parted SLM/2 systems are used for the re-measurement of discrete parts with a length longer than 5 m, or when no continuous SLM measuring arrays can be used.

Product Types – Length-Section Light Scanner Discrete Part Length Measurement System


Standard SLM systems with continuous transmitter and receiver arrays for a highly precise final measurement of discrete parts being transported in longitudinal direction – measurement of plates, profiles, tubes, beams, bolts, roll length measurement, … up to a maximum of 5 m length

  • Length-Section Light Scanner Discrete Part Length Measurement Systems

  • LED-based transmitted light sensor consisting of light transmitting array and light receiving array

  • Currently for measurement material lengths of 10 mm to a maximum of 5 m

  • Typical measurement accuracy of +/- 0,1 mm per meter measurement length

  • Measurement in material flow up to 240 m/min

  • Maintenance-free, permanently calibrated

  • Easy integration in existing conveyor technology

  • Sorting control – optional

  • Sorting mechanism – optional

  • Conveyor technology – optional


SLM System with two-parted transmitter and receiver arrays for a highly accurate final measurement of discrete parts up to 15 m being transported in longitudinal direction.

  • SLM/2 is used for discrete parts with lengths between 5 m and 15 m

  • SLM/2 is used for machines in which a continuous sensor arrays can’t be put into operation

  • SLM/2 is also used, if an inexpensive but nonetheless accurate solution for discrete parts with different lengths is required and if the user is willing to move a sensor part to the estimated target length

  • Several SLM/2 systems can also be operated in series to increase the measuring range.


  • Measure piece lengths up to 5 m in transmitted light

  • Measure part length up to approximately 15 m in transmitted light

  • Length Measurement of long parts in reflection

  • Measure part lengths with free-form edges.

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