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AboutElovis GmbH

ELOVIS GmbH with its headquarters in Germany, offers non-contact measurement solutions for numerous industrial sectors – also for the metal industry. ELOVIS develops, produces and sells systems for non-contact speed measurement, non-contact length measurement, non-contact discrete part length measurement as well for width and height measurement. All systems are based on optical technology, such as laser or LED, vision and camera technology. ELOVIS has over 5000 systems installed world wide. We additionally offer services starting from consultancy, measurement service, calibration service, system rental and system training around the world.

For the metal industry ELOVIS offers measurement solutions for the permanent optimization and monitoring of production machines as well as for troubleshooting. µSPEED laser encoders are used to measure speeds and differential speeds, e.g. for controlling the roll gap or for speed synchronization when several material webs are brought together. Length measurement in incoming and outgoing goods, in production machines and slitter rewinders as well as at all process stages where precise information about material lengths is required should also be mentioned. µVIS systems are used to measure the width of sheets, including single strip widths when the material is cut into numerous strips. ELOVIS SLM longitudinal light sensors are used to measure the width of finished rolls. Some typical examples of measuring solutions in the metal industry are listed here.

Non-contact speed measurement – ELOVIS measurement solutions for metal industry:

  • Metal web speed

  • Roll and cylinder speed

  • Differential speed between rolls and cylinders

  • Differential speed between metal webs and rolls

  • Milling Speed ratio for roll gap control of a rolling mill

Non-contact length measurement – ELOVIS measuring solutions for metal industry:

  • Roll length at winder

  • Roll length in winder / rewinder

  • Roll length in cross cutter

  • Length tracking through production chain


Exact length measurement of steel sheet in scissors / refinement lines

The length measurement of a steel sheet with oiled surface, over embraced rollers is possible only with limited accuracy. Refinement systems and shears (longitudinal and cross sections) are therefore better equipped with non-contact μSPEED systems. μSPEED systems can cope with faint as well as high-gloss surfaces.

Typical application data:

  • Path Velocity: typically up to 1,500 m / min

  • Measurement accuracy with tactile measuring equipment or via drive: typically 0.5 – 3%

  • Measurement accuracy with non-contact length measurement μSPEED: typical: 0.03%

  • Amortization: 1 month, direct encoder replacement, no other modifications needed

Material examples:

  • Steel sheet, tinplate, packaging steel, sheet metal

  • Stainless steel sheet, galvanized sheet metal, rolled sheet

Machines equipped with non-contact length measurement:

  • Rolling plants, rolling mills, rolling trains, rolling stands

  • Refinement plants, scissors, cross cutter, lengthwise cutter

  • reel, looper, winding machines, rewinder

  • Monitoring the roller table drive


Measurement of length and width on sheet metals, panels, circuit boards

Dimensional control in sheet metal and panel production requires a robust, accurate, if possible non-contact, gauging solution. ELOVIS combines proven serial single sensors into a solution for 100% inspection of sheet metals, panels and circuit boards in the ongoing production process. This is done with a measurement accuracy of up to 0.5 mm for plates up to 7500 mm in length, 2500 mm in width and speeds up to 120 m / min. The dimensional control is used to detect incorrect parts, tolerance violation and the documentation of the manufacturing or delivery quality status. The combined dimensional control systems from ELOVIS are used for measuring length, width of metal plates, sheet metals, panels and circuit boards.

Typical Application Data:

  • Measurement parameters are length, width

  • Modular concept enables inline as well as offline measurement

  • Production speeds: typically up to 240 m / min

  • Measuring accuracy: typically 0.1 mm per meter

  • Offline system prepared for the conversion of measurement data into CAD / CAM data

  • amortization: 2-3 months; If necessary, integration of the measuring system into the existing system technology

Material examples:

  • Metal plates, sheet metals

  • Panels, circuit boards

  • Made of steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, alloys, stainless steel, …

Machines equipped with non-contact cross-section measurement:

  • Cross Cutter

  • Stamps

  • Trimming lines, edging lines

  • Coating lines

  • Painting lines

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