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Industrial Pallet Storage Racks

Industrial Pallet Storage Racks

Heinrich specializes in designing and supplying pallet storage rack, bulk storage rack & shelving. Our industrial pallet rack shelving is designed to accommodate the storage of pallets, skids, crates, boxes and parts.

Industrial pallet storage racks are typically used when traditional steel or wide-span shelving does not have the weight, depth or height capacity to store warehoused goods. And pallet rack shelving isn’t always in the back of the store – if you’ve been to Home Depot or any other box stores, you’ve seen pallet storage racks in action, usually with steel decking. 

We offer a wide range of industrial pallet storage solutions, and we can design one that meets your specific requirements. Not sure what you need? We will be happy to help you pick out the right type of system for your facility.

Our offerings include:

Custom industrial pallet racks designed for your specific needs

High weight capacity pallet storage racks

All steel construction

Easy access to pallets while saving space in warehouse

Used in warehouse, stores, factories, manufacturing plants and outside yards

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