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Prefabricated Mezzanine Systems

Prefabricated Mezzanine Systems

Heinrich Brothers, Inc. will help you find the prefab mezzanine systems you are looking for.

Our experts have the training and experience to help you find the right type of mezzanine system for your facility. No matter what the specific measurements of your facility, a mezzanine system will transform your space into a more useful area, so you can have peace of mind that you are making the most out of your valuable space.

Transform unused overhead areas into profitable space using our engineered mezzanine systems. Mezzanines are upper level raised storage platforms. You can add them to a warehouse or any large building with high ceilings.

Our raised loft prefab mezzanine structures are often for:

Often storage


Offices, allowing an aerial view (see prefab buildings as an office)

Shelving & Racks

Record Storage

Cat walks

Modular drawer cabinets



Order picking

Dust covers

Locker rooms

Break areas

Shipping & receiving offices

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