Heavy-Duty Conveyor Pulleys

Kali designs and manufactures customized high-quality, cost effective heavy-duty conveyor pulleys for hassle-free conveyor operations. Our range of conveyor pulleys includes parallel key type pulleys, gib headed key type conveyor pulleys, weld on hub type pulleys, locking assembly type turbo diaphragm conveyor pulleys, locking assembly type end discs pulleys, bearing type conveyor pulleys, hold down pulleys, hold down pulley adjustable type, end disc type non-drive shrink fit pulleys and non-drive weld on hub through bore type conveyor pulleys.
Our pulleys are manufactured with the following specifications:

  • Shell diameter - 193.7mm to 1,250mm
  • Shell length - 350mm to 2,600mm
  • Shell thickness - 6mm to 45mm
  • Shaft diameter - 60mm to 420mm
  • Shaft length - 500mm to 5000mm

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