Kali designs and manufactures a wide range of idlers used for mining, processing and handling any type of raw materials worldwide. Our range of idlers includes fixed carrying idlers, fixed return idlers, fixed impact idlers, self aligning OT training carrying idlers, self aligning OT training return idlers, fixed transition idlers, adjustable carrying and return transition idlers, garland carrying idlers, garland return idlers, garland impact idlers, fixed picking idlers and self cleaning return idlers.
Kali's idlers are manufactured with the following specifications:

  • Belt width - 250mm to 2,600mm
  • Belt carrying capacity - 10tph to 20,000tph
  • Belt speed - 0.1m/sec to 5.4m/sec
  • Roller diameter - 60.3mm to 219mm
  • Bearing size - 420204 (20mm bore) to 6318 (90mm bore)

Apart from regular idlers, the company also manufactures specialised non-magnetic idlers, weighing idlers, vibration free garland idlers, live shaft idlers, rubber lined idlers for corrosive atmosphere and picking table idlers.

Other Products

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