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Mastercut Turning Tools

Mastercut Turning Tools

Mastercut Turning Tools

After researching factors which contribute to the performance of turning tools, ONEWAY designed what we feel will be the best turning tools you will ever own. Three basic components should be considered when manufacturing or buying any tool:

  • the steel
  • the surface finish of the flute
  • the geometry and position of the flute

ONEWAY has considered all aspects to make what we feel are the ultimate gouges for today's informed turner.


The steel used to make all tools in the MASTERCUT line is a CPM M4 HSS - a high-tech particle metal. Making our tools from CPM HSS is what truly sets them above the competition. This powder manufacturing process distributes the carbides uniformly throughout the steel. This process prevents the globular, irregular distribution of carbides and alloys as found in conventional HSS.

Advantages of having such uniformity in the steel:

  • easier to sharpen
  • performs more consistently
  • maintains its edge longer (up to 3 times longer)


The flute is finely finished resulting in a better cutting edge. The diameter of the tool is also well finished so the tool feels good in your hand and slides smoothly over the tool rest.

Tools are hardened to 63 RC and the flutes ground from the solid. This accomplishes two things:

  • There is no decarburization during hardening so the edge gets as hard as it should. Result -- the edge will get sharper and stay sharper longer.
  • It assures that the finish in the flute is very good. Result -- a smooth finish allows wood cutting to slide easily through the flute when turning.


All flute designs are a compromise. The designers at ONEWAY strive to achieve the best middle ground between the following:

  • ability to remove material
  • agility in tight corners
  • fine finishing capabilities
  • ability to resist both vibration and twisting forces

Extensive correspondence with professional wood turners took place before finalizing the design of these tools.

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