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Part No. 1236SD - 1236SD LATHE

Part No. 1236SD - 1236SD LATHE

Part No. 1236SD - 1236SD LATHE

It’s not just about the comfort, but certain tasks are easier to perform while sitting.  Wouldn’t it be nice to sand, buff, decorate and finish your beautiful turning while sitting?  Think about it.


■  Spindle Height:  Adjustable

■  Power Input:  220V, Single Phase; 110 V is optionally available at no extra charge

■  Length x Width:  60” x 28”

■  Weight:  Approximately 500 lbs.

   12½” swing over the bed (9” swing over Banjo)    

   36” between centers

   Spindle is hardened and ground

   1” - 8 tpi RH spindle thread (inboard)

   7/16” thru hole (in spindle)

   24 position indexing

   2 step pulley (0 - 2000 / 0 - 4000rpm)

   #2 Morse Taper in headstock & tailstock    Forward & Reverse with two pre-programmed accel/ decal settings

   220V input, 1HP AC variable speed inverter (drive) with dynamic braking (runs on 110 V or 220 V)

   1HP Marathon Motor 

   Multi position Control Box

   High Performance Powder Paint on Stand & Lathe  

   Cast Iron Tailstock with Acme thread & 3” quill travel  

   Patented clamping mechanism in Banjo


■#2 MT Safe Driver

■#2 MT Live Center (with cones)

■Knock-out Rod

■3” Faceplate

■9” Stainless Steel Toolrest

■6” Ductile Steel Toolrest

■Leveling Pad

■Spindle Lock Wrench


■Remote Start / Stop

■RFI Filter

■1236SD Wheel Set

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