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Aluminium Coatings

Aluminium Coatings

Working closely with the best local vendors, Seaborn provides a complete range of alumin

um coatings for both visual appeal and added durability. Anodizing is durable coating available in variety of colors, but only commonly used as black and clear. Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Gold are also available but gener

ally add to lead time and cost. Hard anodizing provides a very tough outer surface but also has a somewhat unpredictable effect on part size. The more commonly used black and clear generally have little effect on pa

rt size.   Alodine, and Irradant, are both brand names for chromate conversion coating used to provide corrosion resistance and superior bonding for

 powder coat. Chromate conversion is also used on aluminum parts that require some environmental protection but still wanting the heat transfer / heat sinking benefits and conductivity of aluminum. It is a lower cost application than anodizing but less durable as standalone finish. There

 are two basic distinctions 

in chromate conversion coatings. These are hexavalent chromate and hexavalent free or ROHS compliant. The coating comes with several different looks depending on type and brand but typically a silvery grey and yellowish color are most common. There is also an olive drab and goldish possibility. Chromate conversion has minimal effect on part size. Aluminum can also be brush or sanded for a bare finish and even polished to near chrome like appearance. Paint can be applied to aluminum but requires proper surface preparation. While aluminum does not rust its does oxidise and a protective coating can help with appearance and longevity of the product. Seaborn stocks over 200 powder coat colors and has access to thousands more. Powder coat offers a durable and environmentally friendly finish. Our powder coat preparation is aluminum friendly and has additives to insure a good bond. For the very best results chromate is applied but this is required in very few situations. Aluminum coatings can enhance the appearance, functionality and durability of your product.

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