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Aluminium Fabrication

Aluminum Fabrication and welding to CWB 47.2. Seaborn Manufacturing with in house laser cutting, brake press, welding, machining, powder coatings, and tube bending. We service the aluminum fabrication needs of technology firms, agricultural , health and mining because we do it right. We should be your one source for quality aluminum fabrication services.

CWB 47.2 cerified aluminum welding is available for all your aluminum fabrication because Seaborn cares. We have specialized MIG welders dedicated to aluminum welding. The difference comes from giving skilled people the best equipment made for the process. Aluminium welding requires a dedicated process and machinery for best results. Have us put our specialized aluminum MIGs and highly trained staff to work for you. We will ensure your aluminium welding is done properly.

Our precision brake press can form pieces up to 10ft in length. The quality of the parts and precision of our fabrication show all the way through manufacturing. Assembled at your facility or ours you may rest assured due to care taken in making your order right. Let us take care of your aluminum fabrication needs, because we do it all from brackets to complex assemblies.

Every week we fabricate aluminium sheet metal to meet our clients requirements. Typically our state of the art laser cuts precision aluminium parts to begin the fabrication process. We can also machine all the aluminium components for your next project on our CNC mills and turning centers. Additionally, our powder coat line is well equipped to handle the challenges of powder coating aluminium because we work with constantly.

From custom aluminum planter boxes for high rises to high tech lab equipment we have your aluminium needs covered.

Once your project has been fabricated we offer a variety of aluminum coatings to complete the work. We can handle your parts from start to finish using our partners for anodizing, chromate conversion, paint, or powder coat in house. Whatever finish you need we have it covered.

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