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Chip Melting Furnaces

Chip Melting Furnaces

Key Features

  • Lotuss®-System rapid submersion technology limits oxidation to boost yield

  • Circulation pump for even heat distribution and homogenous melt

  • Compact size and flexible specification range to suit all foundry set-ups


  • Any foundry looking to efficiently melt aluminium returns

  • Low pressure die casting

  • High pressure die casting

  • Sand and gravity casting

The best way to use your aluminium returns

One of the key benefits of aluminium is its recyclability. Pure Chip Melter from StrokoWestofen brings the cost-saving implications of this in-house by providing foundries with one of the most efficient, economical and ergonomic aluminium chip melting furnaces on the market. Make lots of chips while finishing and reworking castings? Looking to cut raw material costs? Then put your returns to good use by re-melting them with technology trusted by foundries the world-over.

Furnace features that deliver quantity and quality

Pure Chip Melter is a small-footprint furnace with big benefits. Lotuss®-System technology ensures chips are rapidly submerged beneath the bath surface to prevent oxidation and increase usable yield. Designed to minimize surface turbulence the holding furnace also features a special circulation pump to gently mix and evenly heat the melt for optimal quality.


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