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Other Melting Furnaces

Other Melting Furnaces

Key Features

  • 3-in-1 furnace for melting, metal-treatment and metal-taking

  • Proven StrikoMelter shaft technology

  • Integral impeller system

  • Temperature-controlled bale-out pocket


  • Integration with Gravity and HPDC cells

  • High quality, high throughput aluminium

  • Production of structural parts

Quality aluminium for immediate casting

Building on the proven energy, metal yield and melt quality benefits of StrikoMelter, the Melting and Metal Transfer Furnace is an evolution in ‘continuous furnace’ technology. Shaft melting, metal treatment and metal taking functionality are seamlessly combined in a single space-saving solution. The result? Delivery of superior quality melt for immediate casting or transferring.

Metal treatment made simple

The StrikoMelter shaft-melting furnace is extended by a metal treatment furnace with integral impeller system for the purification and hydrogen degassing of the aluminium melt. Widely distributed via an impeller rotor, extremely fine bubbles of argon or nitrogen ensure hydrogen and other impurities are removed for superior melt quality. This minimizes the risk of porosity and improves the mechanical performance of final aluminium cast parts.

A particle filter plate and holding chamber porous plugs can also be added to further enhance the metal treatment process and improve melt quality.

Liquid aluminium that’s ready to go

The addition of a specially designed bale-out pocket is the third key element of StrikoWestofen’s 3-in-1 combined furnace solution.

In a completely enclosed process, the treated liquid aluminium - cleaned of impurities - is transferred to the bale-out pocket ready for immediate casting via ladle or transfer via pump.

Metal quality is optimized throughout. The specially designed conjunctions between holding and treatment, and subsequently between treatment and bale-out pocket, result in minimal dross transfer, while optional features such as immersion heaters located in the pocket ensure complete and consistent temperature control all times.

For foundries looking to remove the need for a separate bale-out furnace that do not require an integral impeller process, a 2-in-1 melting furnace is available.

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Quality that also cuts costs

In addition to optimizing quality, combining three key stages in one also helps foundries cut costs.

Removing the need for a separate impeller process stage reduces production time per casting, labour costs, energy consumption and – thanks to the refining – reduces scrap rate, all of which improves overall productivity while keeping spend low.

Space is precious in modern aluminium foundry environments. Here too the Metal Melting and Treatment Furnace delivers advantage. The furnace is sized and tailored to become part of any casting cell set-up and removes the need for a separate bale-out furnace, minimizing the overall equipment footprint required. Eliminating the need to transfer molten aluminium to a separate bale-out furnace also improves safety, another key concern in modern foundry environments.


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