Striko UK Ltd.

Striko UK Ltd.

Jupiter Business Park, Hixon, Stafford ST18 0PF, United Kingdom

AboutStriko UK Ltd.

Market Leader with more than 60 years of experience in development and production of furnaces for the light metal casting industry

StrikoWestofen is a global manufacturer of thermal processing technology for the light metal casting industry and provides energy-efficient solutions for die-casting, gravity casting, sand casting and low-pressure casting. Our over 60 years of experience are the foundation for our extensive expertise and industrial knowledge, and this is what allows us to understand the needs and manufacturing processes of our customers so well. We are thus able to optimally integrate our systems into the respective production processes.

Expertise and technology for the highest energy efficiency

Since decades our research and development teams in Gummersbach and Wiehl are continuously working to improve and optimize our products in terms of energy efficiency, metal yield and life time. Our new developments such as the StrikoMelter PurEfficiency and Plus+ offers our customers products which allow them to improve their productivity, material use and energy efficiency. This is true for melting and dosing of liquid of aluminum but also for the transfer system Schnorkle. It seems that we are not doing this without success, looking at the numerous customer relationships which already last over decades. Gladly, we arrange contact to fitting reference customer in your area.

Spare parts, service and maintenance worldwide

In 25 countries throughout Europe, Asia and America, StrikoWestofen is located in the centres of the light metal foundry industry, so it is always close to the customer – either with its own subsidiaries or through its sales and service partners. After all, in addition to the products themselves, we consider the services and spare parts we supply to be the main advertisement for our brands. Our spare parts hubs allow us to deliver wearing and spare parts within a day in most countries – with an availability of over 95 percent.