Wesgar Inc

Wesgar Inc

1634 Kebet Way, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 5W9, Canada

Complex Assembly

Complex Assembly

Wesgar focuses on keeping assembly services in-house, ensuring quality, and reducing your costs. Our range of services include basic mechanical to highly complex assemblies.

Basic to complex assembly

We offer mechanical assembly, burn-in, testing, and inspection services.

Our basic services include riveting, gluing, gasket installation, and insulation installation. Higher complexity assemblies include populating NEMA or UL rated enclosures with busbars, battery trays, and electronics, then inspection or testing per customer prints and drawings.


We handle detailed kitting including adding printed instructions and bagging small items.


Other services we offer include hardware insertion, computer components, wiring, latches, locking systems, gasketing, testing, and other assemblies.

Attention to quality is #1

Our high-quality assembly services are the culmination of well-controlled, well-executed processes that guarantee you get quality products that meet your requirements.

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