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Wesgar Inc

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Quality Testing and Documentation

Quality Testing and Documentation

The high quality of the products we produce is due to our stringent quality inspection processes. We are meticulous about conducting quality inspections at every stage of the manufacturing process. These inspections are carried out by our fabrication specialists and our quality inspectors.

First-off checks

Wesgar conducts ‘first-off checks’ at the initial run of jobs, material changeover, or when a job requires a new setup. First-off records are retained for verification of the process. Additionally, throughout the manufacturing process, we employ inspection sampling to ensure there are no quality slips during the run.

First Article Inspection (FAI)

It’s critical that products match your drawings precisely; that’s why we use FAI, a formal design verification method providing a reported measurement for our manufacturing processes. During the FAI process, we carefully measure all the properties and geometry of your initial sample item against the specification drawings to ensure a perfect match. Items checked may include distances between edges, positions of holes, diameters and shapes of holes, weight, density, stiffness, color, or surface finish. We are pleased to provide FAI reports upon customer request.

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) compliant

Wesgar uses PAPP, a standardized process that helps manufacturers and suppliers communicate and approve production designs and processes before, during, and after product fabrication. PPAP compliance provides evidence of our production capabilities to meet or exceed your requirements and our ability to consistently reproduce quality parts.

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