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Wesgar Inc

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Powder Coating and Screen Printing

Powder Coating and Screen Printing

Wesgar has a seasoned team of powder coating and screen printing experts on staff with decades of experience. We utilize leading edge processes to ensure your products will be finished with top quality powder coating and screen printing—every time.

Powder coating

Our texture-free powder-coated products deliver a reliable thick, smooth, and even coating; and we can achieve color blending and bleed special effects in a single layer. Our powder-coated products, available in matt, satin, or glossy, are attractive and functional.

Upgraded in 2018 [link to news item], our leading-edge powder coating washline consists of five new stages: high-performance detergent iron phosphate for multi-metal processing, three rinse stages for effective cleaning, and an application of a high-performance sealer. For powder topcoat projects, we assure a minimum of 1000-1500 salt spray hours*, and for powder primer and final topcoat, we assure a minimum of 2000 salt spray hours*. Additional benefits of our superior powder coating include increased paint adhesion and superior corrosion resistance on both steel and aluminum substrates.

*The salt spray tests indicated are performed per the ASTM B117 standard.

Powder Coating Equipment

Powder Coat Conveyor Line

Powder Coating Dryer/Oven

Hot Water Pressure Washer

Down Draft Spray Booth

Screen printing (silk screening)

Wesgar has perfected the craft of delivering first-class screen printing to cover your aesthetic branding needs and labeling instructions on your products. We have the expertise to match colors and satisfy your needs with our durable, attractive, and sharp product screen printing.

Screen Printing Equipment

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