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Hot Rolled Steel

Hot Rolled Steel

Versatile for a wide range of applications.

Choosing hot rolled steel is essential when flexibility is vital. Its uses are many, but here are some typical applications:

  • Wheel rims

  • Water heaters

  • Strappings

  • Stampings

  • Pipe

  • Irrigation pipes

  • Agricultural equipment

  • Construction equipment

  • Metal buildings

  • Tubular

We have hot rolled steel for advanced applications.

Worthington also makes high-strength, low-alloy hot rolled steel to enhance your end-product performance. Changing the microstructure of the steel further adapts this versatile material to your process and needs.

Why choose hot rolled over cold rolled?

Our Materials Support team can help you choose the optimal steel for your project. Here are some basics: Compared to cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel is strong and easier to form, but comes with heavier thicknesses and wider gauge tolerances. It also offers lower mechanical property control. As a result, it may provide cost savings where appearance, dimensions, and weight requirements are not critical.

Get the steel you need under one roof.

If you buy hot rolled steel and have it processed at different locations through several vendors, you might save money with us. We’re a one-stop shop, with the expertise, experience, and capacity to buy the steel you need and add:

  • Pickling

  • Tempering

  • Slitting

  • Oscillate slitting

  • Blanking

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