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Worthington Industries, Inc.

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Steel One Pass Rolling

Steel One Pass Rolling

Building on what comes from the mill.

Compared to hot rolled steel, one pass rolling will improve flatness, tighten thickness tolerances, and slightly improve the surface roughness of your steel. Additionally, rounded edges can be included. It's ideal for applications that don't require high formability, where bends and forming requirements are not as extreme.

We'll deliver everything you need.

Need pickling? Slitting? Cut-to-length sheets? We're a one-stop shop, with the expertise, experience, and capacity to add:

  • First operation blanking

  • Coil-fed laser blanking

  • Slitting, oscillate slitting

  • One-pass rolling, temper rolling

  • Cut-to-length sheets

  • Pickling, annealing

  • Laser welding

Analyzing structural safety?

Parts can be compromised in forming. Our Material Support team helped with product development and quality assurance.

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