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CMI Industry to supply a Continuous Galvanizing Line and a Skin Pass Mill to AGIS



CMI Industry to supply a Continuous Galvanizing Line and a Skin Pass Mill to AGIS




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CMI FPE Ltd., one of CMI Industry’s Indian subsidiaries, has entered into an agreement with Al Ghurair Iron & Steel (AGIS), United Arab Emirates, to supply a new Skin Pass Mill (SPM) as well as a new Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL) equipped with the patented CMI Blowstab® technology. With these additional lines, CMI FPE enables AGIS’ capacity for galvanized production to double from existing 200,000 mts to 400,000 mts annually. The new processing line will supply galvanized coils from 0.20 mm to 1.20 mm. CMI FPE will also help AGIS to boost the Color Coating industry in the Middle East with the new Skin Pass Mill. CMI FPE is to commission these two new processing lines within 22 months. The patented CMI BlowStab® technology for jet coolers and after-pot coolers will be integrated with the new galvanizing line & will further improve efficient cooling of strip and zinc coating uniformity. Abu Bucker Husain, CEO, AGIS: “Our current production lines, that have been operational since 2009 were already designed and supplied by CMI FPE, and we are fully satisfied with the technology as well as their service.” Sanjoy Das, Managing Director, CMI FPE Ltd.: “This contract with AGIS reaffirms CMI FPE’s ability to help customers increase their product range by providing optimal technical requirements of the market in a cost effective way.” About CMI FPE CMI FPE is the Indian hub of CMI Industry, a supplier of global solutions for Cold Rolling Mill complexes. It has developed a wide range of technologies in the field of processing lines, rolling mills, thermal and chemical processes. About CMI Industry As an expert in industrial processes, CMI Industry designs, integrates, supplies and upgrades mechanical, thermal, chemical and biological treatment industrial equipment and energy efficiency solutions. CMI Industry supplies steelmakers with cold complexes and all their constituent equipment. Designed by CMI, these facilities boast state-of-the-art technologies for the production of increasingly more sophisticated flat carbon steel.Some of these technologies are also available in equipment for processing other products such as stainless steel, silicon steel or long products. Project Name CMI Industry to supply a Continuous Galvanizing Line and a Skin Pass Mill to AGIS Location UAE Commence 2013 Completion -NA- Estimated Investment -NA- Capacity -NA- Key Players CMI FPE Ltd , CMI Industry