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Canadoil Groups New Steel Plate Mill



Canadoil Groups New Steel Plate Mill


Rayong Province, Kingdom of Thailand


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Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. (Sumitomo Metals) has decided to take part in the Canadoil Groups steel plate mill business in Thailand by investing in the Group, which is currently constructing a new steel plate mill in the country, and providing technical assistance to the mill. The new plate mill is scheduled to be operational in 2013 with an annual capacity of around 1.2 million metric tons and with the total investment of approximately US$600 million. Sumitomo Metals has invested US$50 million into the Canadoil Groups holding company. With this investment Sumitomo Metals will acquire the capacity to manufacture around 0.3 million tons annually from 2013. High-grade steel plates, including those to be used in the energy field, have long been an area of strength for Sumitomo Metals. In order to respond to expected mid- to long-term growth potential Sumitomo Metals plans to manufacture high-grade steel plates in the new mill and use the Kashima mill capacity to manufacture more value-added, highly-profitable high-grade steel plates. By assigning each mill a specialty in locality-oriented and different product types, Sumitomo Metals will realize a more efficient manufacturing system, which helps us to accelerate distinctiveness in our steel plate business and raise corporate value. Source: Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd Project Name Canadoil Group?s New Steel Plate Mill Location Rayong Province, Kingdom of Thailand Commence 2013 Completion N/A Estimated Investment Approximately US $600 Million Capacity Approximately 1.2 million metric tons p.a. Key Players Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd, Canadoil Group