Amco Manufacturing Ltd

Amco Manufacturing Ltd

4719 68 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6B 2N2, Canada

AboutAmco Manufacturing Ltd

Amco is a group of like-minded people with a passion and talent for machine shop life. We share the same values of integrity, empathy and transparency which define our company culture and is the basis of our hiring. Our shared values allow us to work effectively as a team and trust the other person is doing their job well, which creates efficiency by removing redundancy.

Integrity. The backbone of our actions and a key path to build and maintain trust. We stand behind this principle even when it’s difficult to do so, because that’s when it counts the most. Integrity is being honest in our actions even when it leads to an unknown outcome we cannot control. We have faith in integrity.

Empathy. We believe that if we put ourselves in the other person’s shoes, we’ll be able to understand their problems, and set the stage for a mutually beneficial outcome. We view challenges from our customers and employees’ perspectives asking ourselves, “How can we provide them value?”

Transparency. We’d like you to get to know us, how we operate and to build trust. Transparency is a key catalyst and quite frankly, we’re terrible salesmen. We couldn’t spin something if we tried, so transparency is our default.

Talent. As much as we love to provide value, we’re always on the hunt for it ourselves. We need great talent to succeed and put a lot of value in it. Our process for identifying talent has been refined over the years and is still continuously improving.

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