At&f Advanced Metals Llc

At&f Advanced Metals Llc

250 N Swinehart Rd, Orrville, OH 44667, United States

AboutAt&f Advanced Metals Llc

AT&F is a world-class metal fabricator, providing quality steel products and components for some of the world’s greatest engineering feats and innovations.  A focus on massive scale and size of equipment has allowed AT&F to produce high-quality fabrications which build the  infrastructure  around us, protect our troops, provide energy, and move the world through modern marvels of human accomplishment.

In business since 1940, AT&F has grown to become a preferred supplier of:

  • Metal supply, fabrications, and services that push the limits of thickness, scale, and precision
  • Materials processing
  • Components for industrial,  and  industries
  • Stainless steel and exotic alloy fabrication for corrosive environments
  • Metallic and composite armor technology