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DeWys Manufacturing, Inc

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From a Little Red Barn to a Full-Service Metal Solution Enterprise

The history of DeWys is built on a foundation of family, focus and a customer-first mentality. Here’s a bit about how we began and how we’ve gotten to where we are today.

1977 – 1986: Little Red Barn to Current Manufacturing Location

Mark DeWys founded DeWys Manufacturing as a “one-man” metal shop in West Michigan. The small shop’s original service was the fabrication of tubular fireplace inserts, racks, and a variety of small metal parts. With a move from the red barn, DeWys added clients and diversified product offerings at several locations before relocating to the current manufacturing location in 1986.

1987 – 2000: Company Grows into West Michigan Supplier with Three Plant Additions

Jon DeWys, current CEO, joined the company in 1987 to broaden the operational skill set. With diverse leadership skills the company experienced continuous grow that led to facility expansion with three additions in 1989, 1993, and 1997.

In 1999, DeWys lost its original founder and mentor. Jon stepped in to lead the company.

2001 – 2015: Innovative Leadership Establishes Company as North American Supplier

The company catapulted from a West Michigan job-shop metal manufacturer to a full-service contract metal-solutions provider serving North America. With changes in four business sectors, additional principles of lean manufacturing were instituted, expanded market segments to include a full-service circle of companies, invested in leading-edge technology, and devoted time and resources for workforce development were achieved.

2016 – 2020: Trusted Team Members Shape Our Future

Recognizing the importance of team members, the company created DeWys University in 2012 to create the talent required to keep up with continuous business growth. In 2017, DeWys Manufacturing acquired their first division, American Grower Resource. The addition of this agricultural resource company allowed DeWys to further explore the agriculture industry while also becoming an O.E.M of agriculture equipment. The second acquisition, occurred in the fall of 2020. The addition of ReFab expanded DeWys’ core capabilities and offerings to a variety of customers. The alignment of these two companies allowed DeWys to truly be a complete metal solutions company.


Now almost 45 years later, the creation of DeWys Metal Solutions – an aggregation including our newest divisions – was established to offer a variety of services as your true complete metal solutions company. The various capabilities and services provided help us to better serve current and future customers throughout various industries.