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The Flexco portfolio of brands supports our vision. Many of our product brands date back to the early 1900s and are recognized in almost every corner of the globe. Our research and experience shows that customers and prospects know and trust the Flexco name, and by connecting our brands to the source of the value, we believe it strengthens the ability to connect with our customers.


The Flexco corporate brand is the umbrella for all of the other brands in our portfolio, and at the core is our commitment to the customer. Our success is based on the success of our customers.

Our products are optimized to work with today’s conveyor belting and belt conveyor systems, and are designed with superior quality and some of the most innovative technologies on the market.

It is with pride that we connect the Flexco name to our products, services, and employees.


When we connect our corporate brand with our tagline, Partners in Productivity, we refer to that as our corporate signature.