GEMCO Manufacturing Co., Inc

GEMCO Manufacturing Co., Inc

555 West Queen Street, Southington, Connecticut 06489 USA

AboutGEMCO Manufacturing Co., Inc

GEMCO Manufacturing provides precision manufacturing services to facilitate high volume orders using fourslide, multi-slide and power press technologies. Our capacity is significant, with over 60 fourslide machines and 12 power presses ranging from 15 to 100 ton, making us one of the largest custom metal stamping operations in the region. We are located in a 40,000 square foot facility in Southington, Connecticut where we design, build and run production for all of our domestic and international customers.

GEMCO’s comprehensive fourslide stamping capabilities allow us to fulfill your custom metal stamping manufacturing needs for parts made from either flat strip, stock, or wire. Learn More

To ensure the highest quality and performance of your part, progressive die tools are entirely designed, produced, and qualified in-house by GEMCO’s qualified engineering team. Learn More

GEMCO’s in-house wire forming capabilities offer you the round wire, square wire, and shaped wire options you need for all your custom wire form parts. We use innovative methods to bend, and form wire with minimal or no secondary processes. Learn More

GEMCO’s experience in manufacturing metal parts from both flat stock and wire using fourslide, progressive die and wire forming processes allows us to produce your metal parts in a wide array of shapes, sizes and materials. Learn More

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