K&S Manufacturing

K&S Manufacturing

N8145 Maple St, Ixonia, WI 53036, United States

AboutK&S Manufacturing

The world’s most highly regarded OEMs outsource contract manufacturing to K&S.

Every metal component and assembly we design and manufacture delivers competitive advantage. Our flexible manufacturing system and dedicated engineers create exceptional speed-to-market, cost savings and predictability. From material purchasing power through production, K&S produces profitability throughout the value-chain.

OEMs tell us we contribute to improving their performance metrics. Consistent performance, predictability and customer confidence is a direct result of our people and processes. Whatever the product, K&S is committed to delivering efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.

We invite you to review our record of delivering on what matters to OEMs. Ask about our extensive equipment and capabilities. Ask how we deliver competitive advantage. Learn about our team of outstanding employees. See for yourself why the world’s leading OEMs select K&S for their contract manufacturing needs.

K&S is a financially stable, contract manufacturer who produces results that matter. It’s why OEMs have selected K&S as an outsourced manufacturing partner for over 40 years. As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, K&S easily integrates into OEM process and performance metrics, including Lean Manufacturing.

K&S seeks highly-qualified employees who desire to work in a safe and employee-empowered environment. Through our management-by-objective approach, our employees clearly understand the expectations of our customers. Clarity of purpose results in a rewarding and satisfying work experience. Together, we succeed by creating competitive advantage for our customers. Customer advantage translates into economic security for all of us. K&S is an equal opportunity employer that offers a competitive wage and benefits package.

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