NNM Manufacturing LLC

NNM Manufacturing LLC

24133 W 143rd St, Plainfield, IL 60544, United States

AboutNNM Manufacturing LLC

Half a century ago, Walt Peterson had an idea for a fastening system for dual wheels that could help farmers and farm equipment manufacturers create the fabricated parts and products they need easily and efficiently. He built some, they worked, and from that simple beginning Peterson Manufacturing was born.

Today, Peterson Manufacturing Company is an Illinois-based metal fabricator that continues to make products such as metal fabrications, steel ducts, tanks, assemblies, heavy equipment components, stampings, and steel structures for the agricultural industry as well as for a broad range of industries, such as heavy manufacturers, automotive, water treatment, railroad, medical equipment, and more.

Years after Walt Peterson’s vision, our 60,000 sq. ft. facility is now equipped with the machinery, presses with the capability to 1,500 tons, and equipment necessary to stamp, form, weld, fabricate, assemble, roll, bend, cut, CNC machine, turn, face, and finish custom mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum products and parts to meet the designs and specifications of our customers.

We also offer our customers rack and storage solutions through our line of Fab-master products, helping store heavy equipment and parts safely and with the best usage of space.

More than just a supplier and manufacturer of custom metal fabricated products, Peterson Manufacturing can put its years of experience as your partner in manufacturing, storing, and displaying your equipment, parts and products.

If you have a product design and need help with the best way to make it our team can work with you to brainstorm, prototype, and develop the manufacturing method. When you work with Peterson Manufacturing, you work with a team that is dedicated to finding the best way to manufacture your design at the lowest cost.

At Peterson Manufacturing, we’re proud of our roots. Our founding was based on being eager for new ideas and then doing the work to make them pay off. We don’t hide our differences and eccentricities, we’re proud of them. We know ideas do not prosper when we all think alike. We are a group of people that like each other and like working together. We try to bring that atmosphere to our customers.

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